Klein Bonaire, learn all about it!

Klein Bonaire, which means “Little Bonaire” in Dutch, is a small and uninhabited island off the west coast of Bonaire.  It lies only half a mile from the closest point of the main island and is accessible by a 25-minute boat ride with the water taxi Kantika di Amor.


The water taxi will drop you off at Klein Bonaire’s prestine, white-sand No Name Beach. This beach is an excellent place to relax, sunbathe and enjoy the beauty of unspoiled nature. It also offers easy access to the sea, making swimming even more delightful.


Klein Bonaire is surrounded by a beautiful coral reef that is home to thousands of tropical fish. Choose to snorkel by the shallow reef right next to the beach or if you’re a more experienced snorkeler, walk down the southern end of the beach until you see a  break in the reef, carefully pass through this opening to the outside of the coral reef and enjoy your snorkel back to the main beach.
If you do not feel like walking up the beach, ask our captain about our free drift snorkel option. He will take you down the southern end of the beach by boat where you can easily hop in the water next to the coral reef and let the current take you to No Name Beach.
Whatever you choose to do,  make sure to relax and take your time. Keep your eyes peeled for fish hiding in the coral and for turtles passing by. Make sure to be very careful to not touch the coral as you will not only damage it but also hurt yourself. Also, please do not disturb any sea life, i.e. following the turtles obsessively to take a picture.


Although Klein Bonaire is a very small island (1,500 acres or 600 hectares) walking around it will take you approximately 4 to 6 hours. If you are planning on doing so, we ask you to please notify your captain. You will also need to wear protective footwear, because the beach changes from sandy to rock and coral rubble. The interior of the island consist of dense thorny vegetation, therefore crossing the island is not recommended as the chances of getting lost are very high.



Other than two shade structures and trash cans, there are no facilities on the island. We therefore advise you to pack snacks and plenty of water for your trip. The lack of facilities is due to the fact that Klein Bonaire is an internationally protected area and the island as well as the water surrounding it are part of the Bonaire National Marine Park.