Drop off driftsnorkel

Enjoy our drop off driftsnorkel along the reef

Klein Bonaire is surrounded by an abundant shallow reef. When embarking our watertaxi to No Name Beach, packed with snorkel gear, we can imagine you cannot wait to explore the beautiful reef. There is plenty of fish and corals for you to explore near the beach, but how about exploring an unspoilt reef a little further from the beach? We are happy to offer you the opportunity to drop you off in the water -at a place where it is not easy to get to from the beach- for you to float and drift along the colorful corals back to No Name Beach.

Our drop off drift snorkel service is included in your return ticket for the watertaxi to Klein Bonaire and is only offered at the 10am departure. You can reserve your trip online or get your ticket with our captain as you embark the watertaxi. If you feel inclined to get a glimpse of the reef that is a bit further out from No Name Beach, then raise your hand when our captain asks who wants to join the drop off drift snorkel!

How it works

First, our captain will take all passengers to No Name Beach, where the driftsnorkelers can leave their bags and towels. As the captain calls in passengers for the return trip to Bonaire, driftsnorkelers re-embark the watertaxi prepared to jump in the water to snorkel. On the way back to Bonaire, cruising along the reef of Klein Bonaire, the captain will announce to get ready for the drop off at the starting point of the driftsnorkel. From this point, you jump in and comfortably float with the current for about 45 minutes along the colorful shallow reef of Klein Bonaire, back to No Name Beach where you have left your bag and towel.


Every day at the 10am departure!

What do you need?

  • Snorkeling gear
  • Enough drinking water in your bag on the beach

(Just let us know if you would like to rent snorkeling gear or buy some bottles of water, so we can prepare those for you. We also have snorkeling vests on board for those feeling more secure with a vest.)

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