About us

Our Fleet: Kantika Di Amor & Kantika Too

The water taxi kantika di amor is a 8.5 meter long catamaran that was built on bonaire by el navegante in the year 2001. The kantika di amor can carry max 27 passengers and is our smallest water taxi.

The main goal of the kantika di amor is to make it possible for everyone to go to bonaire’s most beautiful beach. This is why we have created our unique 2 meter long ‘walkway’. We can lower the ‘walkway’ to the sand, making it safe and easy to get directly from the boat to the beach.

The water taxi kantika too is a 12-meter-long catamaran built by yachtcat in medellín, colombia in 2009. The kantika too can carry max 44 passengers and is our largest water taxi.

Just like the kantika di amor, the kantika too is designed to make a day of no name beach as easy as possible. Instead of a ‘walkway’, the kantika too has a staircase that can lower to the sand making it even easier to board the boat directly from the beach.

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